SKILCRAFT® 3D Filaments

 Professional quality, US-made 3D filaments for reliable 3D printing performance

Spool black filament


Filaments designed to meet the high-performance demands of professional additive manufacturing programs.

Spool red filament


Application-specific filaments like biomaterials to support specialized 3D printing applications.

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Spool natural filament


Support materials offer more precise print outcomes and cut down on post-print clean-up.

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Selected for Performance and Reliability

Except for our filament spool, we do not manufacture our materials. Rather, we seek out, qualify, and select filaments from commercial U.S. manufacturers and suppliers.

Your 3D printing and additive manufacturing programs support the U.S. government, military, and agencies at every level, so we know reliable performance is a non-negotiable requirement. That’s why we curate and offer only professional and engineering grade filaments with proven performance.

Successful 3D printing requires consistently reliable performance, which is why we not only select materials based on leading industry applications, but also ask you directly. Need a particular filament or material? Just let us know and we can quickly provide a premium quality, reliable filament available.



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