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 Professional grade 3D printing supplies, filaments, and accessories

We created the SKILCRAFT® line of 3D Supplies and Filaments as a reflection of our commitment to provide you with high quality, easy-to-order, reliable 3D printing materials, supplies, and associated additive manufacturing products. We employ a rigorous qualification process in order to select only superior products because we understand the importance of reliability and performance when it comes to 3D printing—especially in applications supporting the U.S. federal government, agencies, institutes, and military branches.

We chose to focus our initial offerings include filament standards like professional grade PLA and ABS, but we are quickly adding materials and supplies based on two criteria:

  1. The most popular, commercially-available filaments from the best U.S. manufacturers, and
  2. The products, materials, and accessories you tell us you need.
SKILCRAFT 3D Filaments Natural Spool

Our products are on the GSA Schedule and are available through GSA Advantage or via Purchase Order today. Call 1-855-517-6385 to place an order.

We are currently adding other government, retail, and direct channels. Check back here or join our Newsletter to stay updated on the availability of current and new 3D printing products by SKILCRAFT through all channels.

Colorful filament ABS wire plastic for 3d printers
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Except for our filament spool, we do not manufacture our materials. Rather, we seek out, qualify, and select filaments from all suppliers in the U.S. commercial marketplace. We learn from the overall additive manufacturing industry so we can ensure our available products are already providing proven value. We ask about your specific 3D printing needs so we can also offer products to meet specific needs such as military, biomedical, and energy applications.


How can we make so much quality filament available so quickly?

We do not manufacture our products. We seek out, qualify, and choose from U.S. suppliers in the commercial marketplace. By understanding the overall additive manufacturing market, we quickly make available products that are already providing value. We ask about your specific needs so we can also offer products that are specific to the Federal Government such as military, biomedical, and energy applications.

When will filament be available?

The first five filament products are available right now. We will be adding many new products, colors, and sizes over the next few months. If you have specific needs, please let us know

How do we ensure quality and reliability?

The commercial marketplace is the first screening process; we choose only those products that have succeeded commercially. Then we ensure consistent quality and reliable performance in our products through testing and consumer feedback.

How easy is ordering?

Our products are on the GSA Schedule and are available through GSA Advantage today. We are currently adding other purchasing channels and you can always place orders directly with NCSS by calling 1-855-517-6385.


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