How is www.fed3Dsupply.com related to North Central Sight Services (NCSS)?

www.fed3Dsupply.com is the online catalogue for the SKILCRAFT line of 3D supplies and filaments. NCSS processes all orders and purchases, manufactures our recycled spool, packages all products, and fulfills all orders–including packaging and shipping.

What is Ability One?

The U.S. AbilityOne Commission is the operating name for the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, an independent federal agency. The AbilityOne Program uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies nationwide, dedicated to training and employing individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities.

What is the Resealable bag?

To add to the user experience, we reinvented filament spool packaging. Our spools are (vacuum) sealed in tamper-evident resealable bags. This assists in keeping the filament cool and dry, away from moisture, when not in use.

Does www.fed3Dsupply.com make its filaments?

Nope! We find, qualify, and select only premiere US-made filaments.

How is PLA Pro different from standard PLA?

Our PLA Pro is a high heat resistant PLA, specially formulated to withhold high temperature and abrasion. Compared to standard PLA its strength is comparable to ABS.. We combined the strength of ABS and ease of printing PLA in one filament- PLA Pro

What is your warranty or return policy?

Email support@fed3Dsupply.com for full warranty details.

Who do I contact if I want to supply a material to you as a vendor?

Email us at info@fed3Dsupply.com with the Subject: Supplier/Manufacturer and one of our product Management team will follow up with you. You can also call us at 1-855-517-6385

How can I request samples?

Join our Evaluator Program! If you’d like to test materials as part of your pre-purchase research, email us at sales@fed3Dsupply.com and one of our product specialists will follow up with you.

How can we buy filament?

We have Products listed on GSA Schedule under NCSS Contract No. 47QSMA18D0P8. You can also call 1-855-517-6385 directly to place an order. Have sales questions? Email sales@fed3Dsupply.com.