Evaluators are the first to test new products and our first source for feedback

While the SKILCRAFT® line of 3D Supplies and Filaments is still very new, the SKILCRAFT brand has a long history. Because you are the experts on your additive manufacturing needs, applications, and programs, we need your input and insight in order to offer you the supplies and filaments you need.

Our Evaluator Program seeks participants to share their issues, concerns and opinions on anything to do with our products or additive manufacturing. As an Evaluator, you will be asked to review all of our new offerings.

Initially, you will be asked to review boxes, spools, bags, labels, and—of course—filaments. You will be the first to test advance samples of future new products as they are launched. You will receive a test sample of each new filament offering and print test file so you can see for yourself how each one will perform and how it compares with other filaments.

You will be asked to complete a brief online survey after each sample release. Since everything we do is designed to satisfy your requirements, we believe involving you directly in the conversation will give us exactly the information we need.


Want to learn more about the different Evaluator levels? Click below to download the Evaluator Program overview with all the details.

Calibration Cube


What You Get:

  • Test sample of each new filament offering.
  • Accompanying data sheet.
  • Test print file for each new material
  • Plus so much more!


All Evaluator Benefits Plus:

  • Receive advance samples before product release
  • 1 Free spool of your choice up to $75 SRP
  • First Access: Company & Product Updates


All Maker Benefits Plus:

  • 1 Free spool of your choice up to $100 SRP
  • Personal support contact
  • 3Doodler Create+ Essentials Pen Pack


All Maker Benefits Plus:

  • 1 Free spool of your choice up to $125 SRP
  • Special recognition
  • 3Doodler Pro Pen Pack

One spool per year, must be an active Evaluator in good standing.
Limited time offer, subject to availability and change without notice.
All Evaluator memberships last for one year


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