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www.fed3Dsupply.com is the source and online catalogue for SKILCRAFT 3D Filament, Supplies, and Accessories. This family of carefully curated professional additive manufacturing materials and accessories is provided by North Central Sight Services (NCSS) and offered exclusively to the U.S. federal government.

Rather than manufacture our own filaments, we qualify and select the best maker source for each type of filament in the SKILCRAFT line. Our customers benefit from this careful selection of proven quality filaments—all made in the USA—which supports reliable 3D printing performance for every application.

Located in Williamsport, PA, NCSS provides labor and recycled materials to manufacture our unique 3D filament spools. NCSS also manages all packaging, assembly labor and order fulfillment services for the SKILCRAFT line of 3D Supplies.

Filament for 3d printing: six coils of thermoplastic. The bright blue, blue, yellow, orange, black, purple colors
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What Sets Us Apart

We know purchasing can become a long, tangled process at the federal level, and we also know your additive manufacturing program can’t afford to use substandard quality materials. Our innovative business model is designed to ensure high quality and easy acquisition of any desired or required materials.

No single filament manufacturer produces a comprehensive set of additive manufacturing material options capable of satisfying all of the needs of the federal additive manufacturing market, so we curate the best for you. We want to simplify your sourcing and purchasing processes for 3D printing, so we focus on meeting your AM supply needs as simply and efficiently as possible.

Because we do not manufacture any of our own filaments, this also means we can source and make available to you both the most commonly used materials and application-specific filaments—without an arduous contracting or RFP process. The same goes for other additive manufacturing supplies, materials, and accessories. In fact, we firmly believe you are the expert in your AM and 3D printing needs, which is why we created our Evaluator program and will launch our Community in the very near future: we want to hear directly from our experts.

SKILCRAFT® is a registered trademark owned and licensed by National Industries for the Blind (NIB). The SKILCRAFT brand has been exclusively dedicated to serving federal government customers for decades. Now, SKILCRAFT 3D Filaments delivers the best of each type of 3D printing materials to your door (or your dock).

In order to provide this level of high-performance products and reliable delivery, we first had to break an old rule and “re-invent the wheel” or, in this case, the spool.

The process starts with NCSS and our spool: NCSS not only recycles the specially-selected materials used to make our superior new spools, but also manufactures the spools. Although the changes in our reinvented spool seem simple, we believe they provide better usability and convenience for the end user. (And they’re recycled!)

We identify and qualify the best manufacturer in the U.S. for each type of filament and supply we offer. Our special spools are sent to our certified set of filament makers, who load our spools with these curated filaments and send them back to NCSS. When these bulk shipments arrive at the Williamsport NCSS facility, they are inspected, tested, packaged, and made ready to fulfill your orders.

With SKILCRAFT 3D Filament, Supplies, and Accessories you get access to a full range of reliably proven, high quality additive manufacturing materials ready when and where you need them.

Reliable performance, reliably delivered.

Created with pride by Americans who are Blind™


North Central Sight Services, Inc. (NCSS) is a not-for-profit agency based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. NCSS is proud to provide blindness prevention education, vision screenings, services and employment to individuals who are blind or visually impaired in the communities of Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga Counties. North Central Sight Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization as designated by the IRS and is registered with the Bureau of Charities in the state of Pennsylvania.
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SKILCRAFT 3D Filaments

While we do not manufacture the 3D printing filaments and supplies in the SKILCRAFT line, we still need to spool, package, and ship all of our carefully curated products. These services are supplied entirely by the NCSS facility and their blind and visually impaired employees. We are proud to be part of the good work done by NCSS. In fact, all SKILCRAFT 3D Supplies and Filaments are expertly packaged and assembled by NCSS employees. NCSS also provides all order fulfillment services and both provides the recycled materials for and manufactures our unique filament spool.

SKILCRAFT is a registered trademark owned and licensed by National Industries for the Blind.

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